23 Jun 2016

Tahiti Scuba Diving

Tahiti Scuba Diving
Tahiti is included several very attractive islands where one can witness dramatic vistas of nature, especially underwater.
The marine life is really large and that makes Tahiti scuba diving a favorable experience for the divers and the snorkelers alike. If you are planning Tahiti diving holidays then you have made the right choice to explore the thrills and diversity of the surrounding waters.

Indulge into Tahiti scuba diving and you can come across giant manta rays on a regular basis. Many a time groups of dolphins will be surfing the waters this will mesmerize you completely forever. The experience will become even more thrilling as you will undoubtedly encounter sharks at almost all the twist and turn during your swim.

If you take time out to visit the Austral Islands in Tahiti, you will get to see the famous humpback whales. The islands of Tahiti have several amazing diving destinations and there are equal opportunities for both the experienced as well as the novice divers. Some of the common highlights of Tahiti are its shallow waters that are crystal clear, steep oceanic drop-offs;bright corals, and varied smaller species of marine life, so macro divingcan be really super and awe inspiring.

21 Jun 2016

S/Y Siren – Thailand

Do you want to see manta rays & whale sharks in their natural environment? Then this special 10-day Thailand liveaboard safari, which includes visiting the top 7 dive sites famous for manta rays & whale sharks is definately your choice! The dive sites include: Hin Daeng, Hin Muang, Koh Racha Noi, Koh Ha Yai, Koh Bon, Koh Tachai and
Richelieu Rock.

These dive sitesare especially famous for seeing these beautiful, gentle giants that dominate the marine world!

The adventure starts in Phuket and the P/Y Siren sails either towards the Surin Islands or Hin Daeng & Hin Muang for the first dives. These are two dive sites famous for sightings of whale sharks and manta rays with Hin Daeng hosting the deepest vertical wall found in Thailand.

The next destination Koh Ha Yai and Koh Racha Noi are among a group of five small islands, where you will witness beautiful corals, swim through caverns and striking rock formations. You will then set sail towards the Similan Islands which are a group of nine uninhabited islands situated 100 km northwest of Phuket.

After visiting at least eight different Similan diving sites, the P/Y Siren leaves the Islands and sets sail towards Koh Bon and then Koh Tachai, both famous for whale shark and manta ray sightings. Then you will go to Richelieu Rockone, a mass of giant submerged pinnacles situated in the middle of the ocean and one of the top dive sites in the world.

After Richelieu Rock, the boat will sail westwards to the Surin Islands – very few liveaboard dive boats venture as far north as the P/Y Siren does, so you are likely to have dive sites to yourself. Koh Torinla boasts the best dive spot in the whole of the Surin Islands where sightings of humphead parrotfish, blacktips and even marlin fish are regular.

It is also possible, however, that we start our adventure at the Surin Islands, we still will visit all these dive sites but then in a reverse order from north to south.

The 34 metre S/Y Siren has been designed and built on the island of Sulawesi. She is a traditional Indonesian ‘gaft-rigged Phinisi’ handcrafted from ironwood and teak. Thus she has been custom-made with all the luxury facilities for the modern diver. In particular, this luxury vessel has been specialized for the Underwater

Photographer and Videographer

Aboard the S/Y Siren we welcome up to 16 guests aboard each trip. This ensures abundant space for all guests. However, she has the facilities and ample room to host up to 18 guests on special charters.

How to get there:

The P/Y Siren leaves from Phuket. You can easily connect to Phuket from Bangkok, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur or Hong Kong.

19 Jun 2016

S/Y Philippine Siren

Did you always want to explore some of the worlds best diving? Would you like to see Manta Rays, Whalesharks and Hammerhead Sharks? Do you like the thrill to dive World War II wrecks? Have you wanted to see Pigmy Seahorses, Flamboyant Cuttlefish, frogfish and Ornate Ghost Pipe Fish? We have four distinct trips to the Islands and dive sites of the Philippines that will whet the apetite of even the most seasoned of divers.

The Philippines is an archipelago of 7107 tropical islands and islets in deep blue waters that contain some of the richest marine life-system on earth and is second only to Indonesia as the largest arcipelago in the world. Only 2000 are inhabited, and around 2500 of them are not even named. Seperating the South China Sea and the Pacific Ocean, with the Celebes Sea to the South and to the East lies the Philippine Trench, one of the world’s deepest points, reaching 10,500m below sea level.

The S/Y Philippine Siren welcomes up to 16 guests aboard each trip, and has the following itineraries:

South Visayas from Macatan to Apo Island

Taking in Cabilao Island which is home to some of the best diving in the Philippines and is particularly noted for sightings of Hammerhead Sharks. Apo Island considered by many to be the most successful marine sanctuary in the Philippines. Coral growth has benifited greatly and the vast number of fish species is astounding. Jacks, barracuda, sweetlips, Bumphead Wrasse, and lots of turtles can all be seen. There is a clownfish city with hundreds of Tomato Anenome fish living together . At the marine sanctuary dive site, Manta Rays are a common site. Dumaguete on Negros allows possible sightings of frogfish, Ornate Ghost Pipe Fish as well as many other small critters. The Pier is an awesome dive and offers the opportunity to see Mandarin Fish. Olongo island, Capitancillo Island and Mactan Island all offer the possibility of seeing Hammerhead Sharks and Whalesharks.

Southern Leyte around Bohol

Mactan Island and Olongo Island offer the possibility of sightings of large pelagic such as Whitetip and Greytip Reef Sharks as well as Hammerhead Sharks. Sogod Bay is world famous for sightings of Whalesharks. Pangalo and Baliqasac Islands offer up Manta Rays, Hammerhead Sharks and Whalesharks. Cabilao Island is home to some of the best diving in the Philippines and is also noted for sightings of Hammerhead Sharks.

Borocay via Apo Reef to the wrecks of Coron

Dives around Borocay and Carabo Island include Yapak where sightings of Grey Reef Sharks, Whitetip Reef Sharks, Hammerhead Sharks, Manta Rays and Eagle Rays are all possible. Maniquin Island is a truly wonderful dive location and caters to all divers whether into large pelagic such as shark and Manta Rays or soft and hard corals, and fish life of all types. Apo Reef a UNESCO world heritage site is by many considered among the best diving in the Philippines. The whole North East side of Apo Reef consists of drop off’s and overhangs where Whitetip and Grey Reef Sharks, turtles, barracuda and shoals of snapper are common. There is a turtle sanctuary on Apo island. The Japanese World War II wrecks around Busuanga Island, particularly in Coron Bay, have been one of the Philippine diving best kept secrets. Twelve wrecks have so far been located in diveable depths and we shall dive many of them.

Tubbataha Reef National Marine Park

Proclaimed as a National Marine Park on 11/08/1988 and inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1993, in recognition of its outstanding universal value in terms of marine life species diversity and richness. 182km South East of Puerto Princessa on Palawan Island, the Tubbataha Reef in the Sulu Sea offers some truly amazing diving only accesible by liveaboard. These reefs consist of vertical walls or near drop off’s rising out of great depths.

The shallow reef tops are teeming with local reef fish; in many places stingrays, spiny lobsters, immature Manta Rays, turtles, Leopard Sharks and Guitar Sharks are common. The walls are covered in huge barrel sponges, gorgonian sea fans, soft corals, hydroids, black corals. In deeper water shoals of angelfish, butterfly fish, pennant fish, rainbow runners, Moorish Idols, fusiliers, jacks, snappers and sweetlips follow you around. Large trevally, tuna and barracuda s well as Grey Reef Sharks and Whitetip Sharks patrol. Giant Manta Rays and Eagle Rays fly overhead and turtles and groupers large and small including Napoleon Wrasse pass by.

How to get there:

The South Visayas and Southern Leyte trips all start and end on Mactan Island which itself has an international airport, although this is likely to be listed as Cebu.

The Borocay, Apo Reef and Coron Wreck trip alternates the start and finish between Borocay and Palawan.

Flights are available to Puerto Princessa via Manila and via Singapore. You can fly to Borocay via Kalibo or Caticlan from the Manila Domestic Airport. From Kalibo Airport you need to catch a bus (right outside the airport) to the pier in Caticlan which takes approx 1.5 hours. You can also fly direct to Caticlan Airport which is a 15 minute drive to the pier. From the pier you take a ferry taking 30 mins over to Borocay.

The Tubbataha Reef trips start and end in Puerto Princessa and flights are available via Manila or Singapore.

17 Jun 2016

Sumisid Lodge

One of the first dive lodges at Panagsama Beach,Moalboal is that of the Cozy Lodge, since 1981 this divers lodgings has been in operational. Superbly located right next to the SeaQuest Dive Center it offers the visitor amazing views of the beautiful ocean right the way across to the Island of Negros.

The laid back and casual atmosphere of the lodge is so easy to fall into by the visiting guests, as sandals and T shirts and shorts are the order of the day, very casual and relaxing approach to the whole stay. Come mealtimes a really super buffet is organised daily by the staff, so you have no choice but to really enjoy relax and feel oh so comfortable.

The usage of bamboo and a whole host of native materials makes the whole build of the lodges very eco friendly and cosy to stay in. The big outdoor veranda with the attached lounge is a meeting place where you can enjoy a cocktail and chat about the days dives and the adventures to come.

The Lodge is a 2 story building with 5 ac rooms with private bathrooms on the ground floor and 6 fan rooms with common bathrooms on the top floor.

The ac rooms have 2 single beds and are equipped with hot & cold showers, not that the water gets very cold, it’s usually around 26-29c!

The fan rooms have common bathrooms only, which have been newly renovated and are kept very clean and tidy.
The accommodation rooms spread over two floors has varying type of rooms, the five ground floor rooms have private bathrooms where as the upper floor have six rooms who share a common newly renovated bathroom. A further two rooms have single beds with shower.

As the diving centre itself is literally on the doorstep you can often chat over breakfast with the staff who are preparing the days outings. All the hard work is done by the staff who manages the boats, scuba diving equipment, refills and everything you need for a unforgettable stay.

If you wish to try water for the day or a re a little tired well then just potter about snorkelling in the house reef which is literally 30m from the deck side.

Excursions to Kawasan Falls and motorbike as well as air ticket confirmations and transfers can be arranged by the staff at reception. All Visa/MasterCard cash/travellers cheques us$ or euro, cash Philippine Peso are accepted.
Please keep valuables in the safety deposit safe at reception and do ask about our laundry and communications services available if so required.

15 Jun 2016

Sulawesi Scuba Diving

Sulawesi is a huge island that boasts some of the best diving opportunities around the world today. Vacations at Sulawesi diving holidays include a range of the most visited islands such as Sangihe,Lembeh, Bangka and Bunaken. Central Sulawesi, Wakatobi Islands, Sounth Sulawesi,Togean, and Gorontalo.

Enjoy the best of Sulawesi scuba diving in almost all these wonderful destinations. The diving characteristics are unique and diverse in these locations. Most importantly, the diving resorts, livabroads and diving training centers are extremely top notch. And the fish variety of more than a thousand types makes for aSulawasi diving experience not to be missed it is truly just amazing.

Diving in and around the different locations of Sulawasi, you can explore varied species of corals, reef fishes, marine turtles, marine mammals,seagrass, and algae.

Some of the rare species like coelacanth fishes are also found in the waters of Sulawasi. Scuba diving in Sulawasi is no less than a superb for any of its visitors. That is the reason why, enthusiastic tourists from all parts of the world visit Sulawasi to take pleasure in ultimate and amazing diving experience.

13 Jun 2016

Speyside Inn

The Speyside Inn is located in the North of Tobago far from the madness of the Crown Point tourist centre, with its daily and nightly bustle and noise. This wonderful hideaway sits amoung the many coves and small beaches that dot the area. Due to this superb remote location many tourists flock to it to see the natural history of flora and fauna as well as the abundant birdlife that exude in the mountains nearby.

The hotel is set within the old fishing village of Speyside and sits on the waterfront overlooking the Ocean with marvelous panoramic views. All 18 rooms available to guests come with ensuite bathrooms,mini-bars, ceiling fans and A/C units, safe and a balcony from which one can see for miles.

The restaurant serves both the continental breakfast and any other meal you should wish to try during your stay be it lunch, tea or dinner. The Rump steak for example is well worth a try or any of the freshly caught sea food as the cuisine on offer will delight you and bring you back time and again.

Diving Holidays:

Snorkelling in abundance can be had from many of the local diving areas, the Caribbean lends itself to some of the best dive sites in the world. It is a magnet for many types and species of fish as the plethora of plankton andcoral are rich feeding grounds, drawing in mantas, eels, tarpon,sharks, moray eels, tiny reef jewels and many more. If you are lucky you may well perform scuba diving with whale sharks which leave you within no doubt who is in charge in these waters. Certain night dives for the experienced diver can be organised to watch the night feeders.

11 Jun 2016

Southern Red Sea Coast Diving Holidays

Southern Red Sea Coast diving offers an underwater paradise with great diversities.Southern Red Sea Coast diving holidays are perfect choice for watching different species of marine life such as whales, surgeon fish, manta rays, moray eels, barracudas and lots more. These diving destinations start from Marsa Toronbiand extend up to Zabargad and Rocky Island. You can also find some excellent varieties of reefs inFury Shoal like Shab Mahsur with dropoffs,grande canals and caves; or Shab Sataya withScott’s Wreck.

Some of the best dive spots in the Southern Red Sea Coast areElphinstone Reef where you can find beautiful soft corals, gorgonoas,sponges and reef fishes; Shaab Marsa Alam with goatfish, snappers,shoals of banners, and jacks; Shaab Samadai with reef fish andspinner dolphins; Zabargat with great variety of reefs and corals; Rocky Island with eye catching underwater vistas; etc. Southern Red Sea Coast Scuba diving is definitely a treat for the divers al across the globe. Here, they can take pleasure of sheer diversity.

09 Jun 2016

South Pacific Diving Holidays

The South Pacific is a home to four states and their 607 islands. These four states are Chuuk,Pohnpei, Kosrae, and Yap. All these areas offer excellent scuba diving opportunities and hence South Pacific diving is very popular among the tourists all around the globe.

Diving in Chuuk- Chuuk features the Eastern Caroline Islands with the area of 1028 km. There are seven islands in this group of islands and here wreck diving is a very popular pastime .

Truk Odyssey in Weno- Excellent shipwreck destination with outstanding under water treasures such as soft and hard corals, sharks, eagle rays, gorgonians, tropical fish and much more.

Bali- Pacific Ocean and Indian Ocean intermingles in this area and it makes a great spot for South Pacific scuba diving.

Fiji- Fiji is an island of paradise where you can dive and enjoy the best of attractions. Check out the virgin beauty of island of Beqa and take a plunge into the warm water with sponges, fishes, corals, etc.

07 Jun 2016

South Ari Atoll Scuba Diving

The tropical beauty of South Ari Atoll is just amazing and without any doubt this is one of the best and popular diving destinations in Maldives. The sites of South Ari Atoll scuba diving are just world class and you can explore the adventure of diving in the channels, outer reefs and thilas. The marine life of South Ari Atoll is exotic and that is why numerous tourists visit the place all year round.

During your South Ari Atoll diving holidays, you can visit its numerous dive sites. The best diving sites are the thilas such as Hangngnaameedhoo Thila, Omadhoo Thila, Dhangeti Bodu Thila,Kudarah Thila, Tinfushi Thila, Angaga Thila,Mandhoo Thila, Bulhaalohi Thila,Kandholhundhoo Thila, Broken Rock Thila and Ellaidhoo Thila.

You can also enjoy your South Ari Atoll diving at Kalhuhadhihuraa Faruwhere you can encounter a wide range of corals, sponges, reef fishes andoctopus. In the channel, you can also see bird-eye trevally, eagle reefs,gray reef sharks, white tip reef sharks and manta rays. Moofushi Faru is another reef that spreads across two kilometers and caves, sea fans,napoleon wrasse, sting rays, manta rays, whip corals and sharks.

05 Jun 2016

South Africa Scuba Diving

If you want to enjoy the best of diving experience that is unique and diverse then you must pack your bags for South Africa scuba diving holidays. South Africa scuba diving is just amazing with its long coastline that ranges from 35°S to 27°S. Take a plunge in the Sodwana Bay and encounter with the world’s most southerly coral reefs.

South Africa diving experience comes with memorable encounters with Whale sharks, dolphins, turtles,ragged tooth sharks, vibrant fishes, and many more.

Do you love the experience of cold water scuba diving? Visit Cape Town then slip into your wet suit and take the plunge. All your efforts when you enter the water will be worth it and you’ll remember the experience for the rest of your life. If you are a first timer, then you can visit an inland dive resort close to Johannesburg where you can complete your initial dives in an empty quarry. There are several destinations of scuba diving in South Africa.