Plan Your Watery Hen in Newquay

How about arranging for a fun filled newquay hen weekend trip this summer? It will be a fantastic idea to materialize. Coastal destinations are always better during summer holiday trips. Cornwall is one of the most beautiful counties of England. This coastal county accommodates numerous small towns and villages. Newquay is one such coastal town that lies on the northern side of Cornwall. In fact, it is situated on the north coast of Atlantic Ocean.

A small fishing port till the early 20th century, the local government took initiative to transform it into a beautiful coastal resort. The initiative was taken to promote public growth in this part of England. In fact, this place has always been a major tourist attraction within Cornwall County. This also resulted in remodeling it according to modern style and culture. Presently, there are plenty of luxury hotels, spa centers and nightclubs available within this beautiful coastal town of Cornwall. Beach side pubs and cafeterias are quite popular among the tourists.

While northern part of this town is bounded by Atlantic coast, the western side features for salt marsh and boundaries of River Gannel. Head towards the eastern side and you will observe boundaries of Porth Valley. The town is ever expanding on the southern side.

Stag or Hen Weekends in Newquay are mostly famous for surfing and vibrant nightlife. This small coastal town is often termed as the surfing capital of United Kingdom. Why should it not be so? There are seven beautiful beaches available in Newquay. Each beach has its own beauty. Some of the popular beach activities include surfing, deep sea diving, hovercraft riding, horse riding through beach, sand quad biking, and skiing. Sailing in luxury cruise is also a fantastic way to spend daytime and afternoon hours in Newquay.