22 Mar 2016

Equinox El Nabaa Resort

Visitors from all over the world flock to the lovely resort of Equinox El Nabaa on a yearly basis. Situated some say in one of the finest virgin reef areas to the South of the Red Sea offering the diver the most wonderful and exhilarating experience along with a superb range of aqua sports activities.

On top of this the traveler can undertake further adventures inland on some of the Safari excursions laid on by the Equinox El Naba hotel. The resort is set amidst some magnificent of green landscaping, alongside the sun drenched beaches and the hotels unique set of swimming pools.

Nearly all of the rooms of the Equinox El Nabaaand there are 232 of them have a balcony with a sea or panoramic view looking out over the resort. Each room has the standard en suite bathroom as well as air-conditioning, minibar TV, valuables should be locked in the safe available at reception.

Breakfast as well as lunch and dinner are served daily as a help yourself buffet. The restaurant caters for traditional local foods as well as a range of international dishes all served to a high standard.

The Equinox El Nabaa Resort has some of the best scuba diving available, many super coral reefs and such a superb variety of fish and marine life to swim with and be amazed by such as the like of Sharks and Manta rays. One such dive site not to be missed is the famous housereef, here you can often swim and dive with Turtles a really thrilling experience. The Equinox El Nabaa is located very close to some of the most important diving sites situated at the south end of the Red Sea such as like Elphinstone, Abu Dabab, Shabrur and Gota El Nabaa and therefore gives you superb access to all with minimalist traveling time.

20 Mar 2016

El Galleon Dive Resort

The El Galleon Dive resort hotels at the Small La laguna beach location in Puerto Galera offers some of the best scuba diving facilities in the region. Along with the scuba the visitor can enjoy many other great activities including beach hopping, kayaking, snorkelling and even trips into the Mindoro mountains to pan and search for gold. Here you can fulfil all those dreams of finding the mother load and sip a dry martini at the same time, who said getting rich was hard work?

After all this strenuous work one can pop back to the “Point Bar” and enjoy yet more wonderful cocktails and soak up the sounds of the evening’s entertainment .

El Galleon Dive resort hotels’ cottages on Small La laguna Beach afford the peace and tranquillity of private rooms, nestled amongst palm trees, with the crystal clear waters of the Philippine Sea only a stone throw away.
The lovely cottages of El Galleon Dive resort hotels’ are designed to give the visitor the best in peace and quiet along with superb luxury cottages carefully nestling in between the palm trees with the Sea at their doorstep. Transferring from Manila airportto the resort takes around about 3hrs initially. There is a ride in the resorts air conditioned vehicles and then a short boat hop to the pier at El Galleon.

In all there are five types of accommodation available at El Galleon’s, taking into account all budgets and tastes.


1. Four Budget rooms are designed for the visitor who does not want to be made a fuss off and just wants to get on with the diving experience, these rooms are fitted with air-conditioning , two single beds mini bar and a certain quaint older style bathroom.

2. For the more adventurous soles who love the idea of living on the edge, the pool that is, there are a choice of one of the twelve poolside rooms again with air-conditioning, a queen size bed, mini-bar, an en-suite bathroom and storage areas.

3. For family requirements there are three larger rooms to choose room each has a standard queen bed, with two extra beds available. All come with air-conditioning, mini-bar, nice en-suite bathroom and storage areas.

4. Rooms with a view are next on the agenda and have spectacular panoramic views of the waterfront with the Philippine Sea just yards from the front door of these very spacious living quarters. All rooms have queen sized beds along with a mini-bar, some storage areas, en-suite bathrooms and of course the air-conditioning.

5. For overt and totally decadence why not try out the penthouse apartment with its own private balcony and adjacent kitchen this offers the total harmony of mind and soul for the honeymoon couple.

Ek Galleon Dive Resort is known as one of the best diving centres with some of the top dives around.

Diving Holidays:

A PADI Career Development Center operates out of the scuba dive center being run by Asia Divers. They are one if not the largest diving schools in Asia and have trained many divers to a high safety standard so that the newly qualified diver can seek out and dive to any of the 30+ dives available.

Expert divemaster tuition in many foreign languages such as German,Tagalog, Swedish, French, Dutch and Spanish is on hand to assist the beginners on their road to a full PADI open water certificate for the more experienced diver lessons in Rebreather instruction and Nitrox usage are all available from the technical support teams from Asia Divers.

Around Puerto Galera one can expect to find over 3000 species of marine life which equates to half as many than are available to be seen in the Red sea for example. The whole area is littered with interesting and phenomenal sites, such as the many wreck dives, drift dives and deep dives to name but a few to choose from. All in all the diving experience of Puerto Galera is something not to be missed as the diving is excellent and the surroundings enchanting.

18 Mar 2016

Dolphins Diving

If you had the chance to put a question to a room of pleasure divers about their dive fantasies, you will get often be told that dolphin diving is very high of their desire to do list. Nowadays it is a far wide spread experience than ever before and attracts many divers from all over the world.

Dolphins diving can be divided into three types, wild, captive and semi-captive. There are many places in the Worlds Oceans where you can have an exciting experience with dolphins, but some luck is needed as well.

What is the most important thing when you are considering some wild dolphin diving? The key thing here is fun and the thrill given to both parties. A Dolphin in the wild is a very active and fun loving creature and being a mammal is attracted to other warm bloody creatures. Thus they like to investigate explore and play a great deal.

They thoroughly enjoy it when people play with them. It is well known that Dolphins are one of the cleverest and smart creatures in the world. If they see that you are focused on taking photos, they understand it and will play either pose for you or go off and look for more entertainment with somebody else. If you look into a dolphin` eyes you can see that they are very smart and look at you as an equal and it’s as if they understand everything.

More you play with dolphins, more they jump out off water, click, and whistle and enjoy the game! The more you keep the dolphins interested in what you are doing, the more they will show their interest to you.

They are very pleasant and kind marine mammals. Dolphins are among the most intelligent animals in the world and their often friendly appearance and seemingly playful attitude to human culture is why dolphin diving is so popular among children and adults.

Another characteristic feature of a dolphin’s life is its ability to swim extremely fast. Thus it is more optimal to snorkel rather than scuba diving due to the fact that scuba diving itself is a slower pastime. Besides while snorkelling, you can move up far closer and have a swim beside the dolphins.

The second category is semi- captive one; this type combines a particular meeting with dolphins and their free swimming on the open ocean. Usually they follow the boat, interrelating with the divers, and then follow the boat around wherever it goes. They do not swim too far away from the boat because their feeding habits are correlated to that of the getting their fish handed to them from the boat. This makes them very people friendly and thus they are really friendly to play.

The most electrifying type is wild encounters. Wild dolphins do not cooperate so easily as domestic ones. You do not know what wild dolphins think in their head, whether they treat humans as funny or a possible threat. As yet nobody knows, however, this type is the most exciting and if you are very lucky when u achieve interaction with the wild dolphins. It will leave you with an unforgettable experience and some really fantastic photos and memories you will cherish forever.

Captive dolphin programs are found in many parts of the world and are organized in large purpose built pools or in a penned of ocean atmosphere. These shows allow the general public a see and feel a taste of the beauty and cleverness of the dolphin and their friends. They are very fun loving and enjoy showmanship playing with humans and reacting to the crowds.

Diving with dolphins is a modern and rather popular therapy. It helps to solve psychological issues and developmental disabilities. Seeing them drift in front of your eyes is a joy to behold. If you respect nature, nature will respects you and where dolphins are involved respect is the name of the game.

In general, you can choose any type of dolphin diving, what matters is that you gain an enormous thrill and magical life long experience. This is for sure 100% guaranteed, and there is no any reason to wait, join the dolphins now, they are waiting for you!

16 Mar 2016

Curacao and Cairns Scuba Diving

Curacao is a part of the popular Netherlands Antilles that boasts some of the best diving destinations in the world such as St. Maarten, St. Eustatius, Saba and Bonaire.

The popularity of the neighboring diving destinations is definitely higher than that of Curacao scuba diving, but the area still features some of the best reef dives in the Caribbean like that of theMushroom Forest, Barracuda Point, Sandy’s Plateau, the Valley, the Dolphin Academy, and Superior Producer, which is a long wreck dive (230 foot). Moreover, if you want to avoid the rush of the other popular diving destinations of Netherlands Antilles, take on the Curacao diving holidays adventure.

If you choose National Curaçao Underwater Park as your Curacao diving destination then you can check out some of the well maintained reefs around the island. If you want some adventure in your diving experience, then take a trip to the adjacent Klein Curacao. You will find rough seas on your way and the experience is truly enigmatic. The island of Curacao is home to numerous traditional dive resorts as well, thus you have plenty of choice to enjoy in your diving holiday.

Cozumel Scuba Diving

Cozumel and cairns scuba diving is famous among all diving enthusiasts. Based in the Mexican Caribbean, Cozumel is definitely among the best diving locations in the world. During your Cozumel diving holidays, you will be thrilled to experience immaculate diversity of tropical marine life, crystal clear and warm azure waters, huge coral formations and excellent weather. Apart from amazing experience of Cozumel diving, you will love to stroll down the long sandy beach, eat excellent food and enjoy rich heritage of the area.

An intricate coral reef network covers Cozumel. It is a part of huge coral reef chain that starts from Gulf of Mexico, reaches toHonduras, which makes it world’s second largest system of reefs.

The reefs cover around 12 square miles approximately in area and in these reefs you can find huge coral pinnacles that drop down and off into the bay. You can also find 500 and more different tropical fishes in the coral caves, tunnels and several swimming labyrinths. The water is clear and that is why it provides outstanding views of rare Spotted Eagle Rays, Nurse Sharks,Turtles, etc.

14 Mar 2016

Conrad Maldives Rangali Island

The idyllic resort of Conrad Maldives Rangali Island is situated in a most beautiful corner of theMaldives. Luxury exudes from every element of this resort which is spread across two islands, and surrounded Best Hotel in the world, and several times Best Resort. There are many locations around Conrad Maldives Rangali Island for a perfect scuba diving.

Rangalu Island has 50 water villas of constantly increasing degrees of sumptuous luxury. Each elegant villa is set on stilts in the beautiful ocean, and the picturesque views of the clearest turquoise sea are breathtaking. This sight is simply amazing, but actually improves as the sun sets creating the most stunning iridescent colours. Luxury is number one in each water villa, which includes ocean view baths, Philippe Starck fittings and private dun decks.

Inside, each villa has an express machine, and Bulgari goodies are an extra special treat in the bathroom. Try to imagine this exquisite site and upon arrival it will surpass your wildest dreams.

Within the Conrad Maldives Rangali Island you will find 28 simply luxurious Water Villas over the resorts 74 square meters and each are built on stilts over the beautiful turquoise Maldivian sea. There your views are quite simply the most amazing of the Indian Ocean and the beach at your resort. Each Water Villa has air-conditioning, a private sundeck with sun loungers, and if the mood takes you, the steps into the ocean are right there on your sundeck, so whether it is just to dip a toe or more you don’t have to go far! Within the Villa you will find a Bathroom with a separate shower and bath, a mini-bar, and both tea and coffee making facilities.

Whether you are food lover or wine connoisseur you will not be disappointed with any one of the seven world class restaurants within the Conrad Maldives Rangali Island Resort. We are proud to say our extensive underground wine cellar has over 10,000 bottles ready for you to enjoy in either the Wine Bar or at any of our outstanding dining venues. The most amazing of these we are proud to say is the Ithaa restaurant. It is the only all glass undersea restaurant in the world. This innovative glass aquarium is set five metres underwater on a coral reef. A 360 degree view of the surrounding reef is what our diners will experience while being tempted by the exciting and even novel fusion of Maldivian and Western style menu. In our local language “Ithaa” means pearl and a visit to our restaurant will be a jewel to complete your already amazing time with us, plus for once it will be the fish looking in on you!!

Whilst on your truly amazing vacation here in the Maldives a visit to our Destination Spa, which is set up on stilts over the lagoon at the tip of the mainland. Here we offer a holistic Spa experience with noticeable results by combining therapies, cuisine and holistic and lifestyle classes.

Our Fitness Centre at the resort is a two storey building offering outstanding views of the ocean and coco palm trees through the floor – to – ceiling windows, and an extensive range of first class professional equipment. If the gym is not for you then why not move next door to the light and airy fitness studio where we offer a variety of classes for you to join.

For anyone thinking of taking an amazing holiday at the Conrad Maldives Rangali Island, on land you can expect stunning views of the Indian Ocean, Palm trees, and brilliant white sandy beaches. When it’s time to take a dip the ocean it is a perfect and constant 28°C, which will add to what we guarantee will be a truly magical holiday experience for you both above and below the water.

Diving Holidays:

At the resort, Sub-Aqua manages our Dive Centre and we are proud of the work they do with multilingual instructors offering PADI courses in probably the most stunning classroom in the world.

Each day various excursions to various sites are run for divers, one of the most popular being Manta Point which is only a 10 minute boat trip away from our resort. However, these magnificent creatures only grace us with their presence between December and April, and during these months if you choose to spend your time with us then you are in a prime position to see them first in the morning as we are so close by.

In addition to Manta Point there are many other equally outstanding diving sites to select, which will allow you to experience the diversity of the aquatic life in the South Ari Atoll. The Atolls consists of many sand and coral banks which are surrounded by reefs and shallow lagoons. These world famous sites will give any diver an unforgettable look into this fascinating underwater world where species include the Maayafushi Tila or Fish Head.

Finally, if this sounds like the place for you we are ready to welcome you to what can only be described as paradise with the world’s largest aquarium on your door step.

12 Mar 2016

Cinnamon Island Alidhoo

A voyage of discovery to what was an uncharted island, a short 50 minute flight from Malé byIsland Aviation Domestic across picturesque scenery to the airfield at Hanimadoo and the treasure of the Cinnamon Island is within your hands.

Discard your maps, you don’t need them any longer, a 15 minute speedboat trip around the undiscovered atoll of Haa Alifu will show all the secrets of this island paradise. The island is over 35 acres in size and is completely surrounded by a breathtaking example of natures aquarium with a coral garden of outstanding beauty below it. It is the best place for diving holidays.


All of the accommodation is provided in individual villas, these are either on the island beach and facing out to sea, or on stilts offshore in the water. They have all been designed using traditional Maldivian features and blend into the surroundings harmoniously.

Beach Villas:

All 45 of the Beach Villas have been situated to give panoramic views of the surrounding ocean, the design uses traditional Maldivian thatched roofs, with real wood timber floors and strong colours, they have a Jacuzzi and an open connected veranda.

Ocean Villas:

The luxurious and spacious Ocean Villas could easily convince you that you were on a yacht; the 46 villas are built completely over the water with a veranda where you can dangle your feet in the deep blue waters of nature’s aquarium. Take a snooze in the upper level bedroom, lulled by the gentle lapping on the waves. Each villa has an open plan bathroom and a Jacuzzi on the veranda. By prior reservation spa treatments are available in-villa.
Restaurants and Bars

The Village:

Located in the heart of the island, beneath towering banyan trees and in the shade of swaying coconut palms this beautiful open air restaurant offer a wide array of dining options. There are a number of themed pavilions available.

Bliss bar:

The Bliss bar is located by the pool and serves both snacks and the finest cocktails and mocktails with outstanding views across the Indian Ocean.


Waves restaurant is next to the Bliss bar and is available daily with the freshest possible catch prepared to perfection. Guests can choose either Asian or Continental style, grilled, steamed, poached or barbequed, creating a fusion to produce the excitement of an amazing dining experience.


Offering the legendary Cinnamon Tea Collection, in Blends, the tea lounge, they are prepared in style and served with ceremony. For a deliciously lazy afternoon indulge yourself with high tea, and maybe a novel from the nearby library.

Decks Juice Bar:

Situated in the pool, this amphitheatre-shaped bar serves smoothies, vegetable drinks and juices freshly squeezed just for you, just swim over to whip up an appetite.


The resort offers a wide variety of facilities to fill your days, an utterly indulgent day at the spa, fishing the Maldivian way, diving in anunderwater coral garden, moonlight boat rides, just soaking up the sun or just shopping for mementos and gifts.


Could you be on an island, surrounded by deep blue water and not spend time swimming, for those not confident in open-ocean swimming there is a large freshwater swimming pool.

Mandara Spa:

At the paradise of the Mandara Spa, turn your holiday into an out-of-body experience


A holiday at Cinnamon Island Alidhoo need not interrupt your sporting habits, a gym for work out sessions, beach volleyball, tennis, cricket, calorie burning badminton or table tennis are available. If you are more cerebal and prefer to exercise the mind, there is backgammon, scrabble and chess.

Water sports:

At Cinnamon Island Alidhoo there is an amazing range of water sports, an underwater world of exquisite beauty, with coral gardens and even a ship wreak to explore. A wide range of sea-life makes their home in the Haa Alif Atoll, including dolphins, sharks, manta rays, napoleon fish and turtles.Meridis Dive & Relax is your expert guide to all.

The diving centre is PADI certified and provides trial dives supervised by a professionally qualified and experienced dive team. The centre also offers a full range of courses from scuba diver to assistant instructor for those wishing to become more proficient. Scuba diving – it is a great opportunity to explore marine natural beauty.
Free NITROX diving is available for all certified divers.

Merida’s Dive & Relax also offers boat rentals and a wide range of additional water sport facilities, including snorkeling, sailing, water skiing and wind surfing.