31 Jul 2015

Classification of the Best Swimming Pool Filters

A swimming pool is always going to one of the best place to spend hours, particularly in the hot summer days. However, for people who fortunately have a pool in their residence to relax should ensure that proper care is taken of it both in terms of safety as well as maintenance. One of the key pieces of instrument that the owners should definitely have installed in their pools is that of the swimming pool filters.


A filtration system is always counted  as one of the key certainties based on the fact that filtration systems plays a leading role keeping the water bodies free from germs, bacteria and other impurities that can possibly lead to health related issues. Filtration systems vary in terms of the mode of functioning based on the shape and size of the water bodies and whether the same is in ground or above ground level.


There are many such filters available in the markets nowadays to choose from but counting only the broader domains, they can be classified into three major types namely Sand, Earth and Mesh Fabric. The Earth filters, also known as DE filters is available in the form of a fine powder and works after filtering or spilling through the soil layers.


On the other hand, the Sand based ones have a layer of fine sand that allows water to sip through but blocks any small particle that comes in the way. This way, it helps in effective filtering of water by removing impurities.


Finally, the Mesh fiber filters functions in a similar manner as compared to their DE counterparts with only one small exception that unlike DE, it does not work on any other surface apart from mesh fabric.



27 Jul 2015

Pool Pumps: Are the Basic Requirements for a Swimming Pool

Swimming is the passion, hobby and interest of many people. Swimming pool is essential for swimming which is a very good water sports. Water in a swimming pool is stagnant and not a flowing water. Also swimming pool body is artificially created and swimming pools are exposed to open air. This makes the water in the swimming pool prone to dust of all types. Since the water is stagnant, there are chances of algae growing in the water and this may cause health hazards among the users. Many purifying agents to purify the water are constantly used in swimming pools and also swimming pool filters and pool pump is also used to keep the water clean.

Water cleaning agents like chlorine are generally used in swimming pools. But the quantity of chlorine content is restricted as chlorine is harmful to the skin of pool users. Swimming pool filters help in keeping the pool water clean. But these filters cannot suck the water into the filters to purify them. This part is taken care of by the pool pumps which such water from the pool and pump it to the filters from where the water gets purified and comes back to the pools. The pool pumps Perth come in different capacities and many manufacturers are there who manufacture quality pool pumps. The capacity of the pump required is based on the size of the pool and the quantity of water that needs to be pumped. All public pools have strict guidelines regarding the maintenance of pools and the level of purity of the water is also specified. This has to be complied with by the persons maintaining swimming pools. Pool pumps play a major role in achieving this. Pool pumps work constantly pumping the water from the pool to the filters.

With the help of hurlcon pool pumps, swimming pool can be made hygienic and safe for the users.