Scuba Diving Oahu Hawaii is your path to a majestic underwater experience A world that you can actually become a part of.
Oahu has the largest amount of diving schools and also has the largest population. Most of the diving schools will offer transportation to and from the hotels Most of the diving schools offer different levels of diving from advanced to beginner. Some will specialize in advanced courses while others will focus on novice and intermediate. Almost all the local dive companies offer certification courses, as well as introductory scuba dives for those who’ve never tried it before. Experience is not necessary only the inclination.
When taking your scuba lesson most diving trainers will give you the right advice and safety procedures before you embark on your first diving experience . Daily dives are made to all the best spots over Oahu. With the help of your scuba trainer, you will be able to swim around brillant coral reefs and observe several tropical fish. You will remain in shallow water the entire time. From world famous wreck dives to shallow reef dives with turtles, Scuba diving Oahu has something to offer every level of scuba diver.
A large variety of sea life can be observed in their natural environment at Shark Cove, which is located on the north shore. Only explore the reef when the seas are calm. Inside the bay is well-protected from big waves by offshore reefs and by lava peninsulas on the both sides, making this a superb swimming beach for families with small children. It is also a good place to watch whales, during the whale season.The majestic fish and colorful reefs native to the Hawaiian islands will leave you in awe.Be careful of the lava rocks when going into the water if you choose to go diving at Sharks Cove.
Visitors and locals enjoy diving the protected waters and colorful reef of Hanauma Bay This federally protected bay is home to over 450 species of tropical fish, 20 to 30 percent indigenous to Hawaii. The Mahi Waianae ,a 165-foot minesweeper, was sunk in 1982 in the waters just south of Waianae on Oahu’s leeward coast to create an artificial reef. It’s intact and penetrable, but you’ll need a boat to access it.
Scuba diving Oahu has almost everything that a diver dreams of, reef sharks, frog fish, a wide variety of nudibranchs, Hawaii’s every owned angle fish, endangered green turtles. Plane Corsair, the only naturally sunk wreck, at the east side of the Island. In that time 3 ghost nets have been removed from Oahu reefs. A total length of 500+ feet recovered in depths up to 200 feet. Because it is so remote, the coral reefs offshore are the healthiest in the island chain, and the diversity of fish, blacktip reef sharks, even the occasional, shy octopus will provide a top snorkeling and scuba diving experience . The beach itself is popular to the point of being disappointingly crowded during the peak tourist season.