A scuba diving shop wil offer everything for your scuba diving needs both for sale and for rent. You should know that people who show up at a scuba diving shop to rent equipment or book a charted dive will be asked to show their scuba certification cards.
If you’re shopping around for scuba equipment, the best prices are available in late autumn when dive shops are trying to reduce old stock in anticipation of stocking new products which are usually introduced in early winter.For divers on the go you can order from an extensive selection of dive bags, duffles, scuba equipment travel systems, regulator bags, and roller travel bags to make traveling with diving gear easy and convenient.
Before you embark on a diving adventure you should take onsite scuba lessons. A scuba diving shop should offer open water training courses that include some great dives for as little as $200 or so. Responsible associations like PADI and NAUI recommend a complete training and certification before diving in open water. You can take a crash course and dive with an instructor in just a few hours to a maximum depth of 30 feet. If you live in a place that is just not conducive to doing your open water dives you can take your lessons in a pool that includes a pool familiarization session and two ocean dives in the Marine Sanctuary
There are no more than 4 Introductory Divers per instructor. Select instructors and dive masters who are dedicated PADI professionals with topnotch training and skills. Most boats go out for three single-tank dives a day. . Daily training is done off the boats as beginners complete the scuba program and students complete their Open Water Training completions. Normally all PADI scuba diving courses up to Dive Instructor are offered in private classes, by experienced, flexible and multilingual dive instructors.
Courses Offered By Most Scuba Diving Shops:
4 day open water, rescue diver
2 day advanced open water
dive master
advanced plus
four-hour introductory course.
If you are with a law enforcement group, search & rescue group, or other professional organization that needs training and certification on a regular basis, most diving schools offer contract and group rates.
The scuba diving shop will offer high quality equipment sales and rentals, equipment servicing and travel planning for thier customers. Although renting scuba equipment on a travel excursion may prevent you from enjoying the dive as you will be adjusting and learning to use the unfamiliar gear during the dive.