Snorkeling is the practice of swimming on the surface of water while equipped with snorkeling gear that consists of diving masks, swim fins, and a snorkel. Snorkeling is a popular recreational activity, especially in the tropics. Snorkeling is quickly becoming one of the most popular water sport activities especially in resort areas. Snorkeling is a safe, easy and enjoyable activity for participants of all ages and skill levels.
Snorkeling is a wonderful activity that can be enjoyed by almost anyone who has access to the ocean, a lake, river, pond or quarry. Snorkeling is also employed by scuba divers when near the surface, and search and rescue teams may snorkel as part of a water-based search. Snorkeling is possible in almost any body of water, but snorkelers are most likely to be found in locations where there are minimal waves, warm water, and something particularly interesting to see near the surface. Snorkeling is not a gear intensive sport but it is more than just going out and grabbing the first thing that you see and assuming that it will work for you. Snorkeling is a great year-round sport, no matter where you live; from exploring the beautiful ocean reefs to discovering your local lake or river. Snorkeling is a popular recreational activity that many people learn.
Snorkeling gear is not very expensive and can usually be rented near any body of water that offers good snorkeling conditions.
Snorkeling Mask
When choosing a snorkeling mask, your first and foremost criteria should always be a proper fit. A snorkeling mask is also more likely to provide a good water seal year after year if it is made of a good quality silicone material. One other thing to look for in a snorkeling mask is one that accommodates a snorkel well. Make sure that the snorkeling mask you try on, manages to position the snorkel upright to avoid water from going into the tube and compromising your breathing. The right way to fit a face mask is to put the strap around your head and adjust the mask over your face. The snorkeling mask needs to seal around your temples and over your lips to be bale to prevent water from entering. Another way to see if the snorkeling mask fits you well is to press it to your face without putting on the strap. Using the right snorkeling mask is essential to a successful and enjoyable snorkeling activity.
Masks should have a stiff body to ensure a snug fit and a soft flexible skirt where the mask presses against your face. Masks can be either transparent or opaque, but many divers prefer plain black masks because they reduce glare in darker waters. Masks can either be made from a single piece of glass or two pieces separated at the nose.
Masks which use a plastic lens should be avoided, as plastic has a tendency to fog during a dive and can scratch easily, obstructing a diver’s vision. The mask is one of the most important piece of equipment for snorkeling. The mask is your window to the underwater world. Masks that don’t fit in perfectly can keep leaking and make you uncomfortable.
Snorkeling Fins
Another part of snorkeling gear the snorkeling fins will propel you through the water faster, but their movement can scare off fish and other creatures. Fins are available as open-heel fins and full foot fins. Fins tend to expand in water and a loose fin may slip off.
Fins come in two types, full-footed fins and adjustable ones. Snorkeling fins make your effort at paddling your feet translate into speed and at the same time give you better maneuverability. Fins should be lightweight and flexible, and they come in two basic designs, the open heel fins, and the full foot fins. The open heel fins should be worn with boots. Open heel fins are stiffer and larger than full foot fins.. Fins which strap on are useful, because they can be worn over booties, which will protect the feet from sharp coral and sea animals such as urchins.
My recommendation is to purchase your own mask and snorkel from your local dive shop and rent your fins from a snorkeling rental company once you get to your destination. The fins are the cumbersome part and renting them means you won’t have to try and find room for them in your bag when it’s packed with all those great things you’ve bought on you trip.