A swimming pool adds extra charm in a household. Swimming pools can be of different types namely private, public, and oceanic, infinity, competition, exercise, hot tubs, and zero entry. Each has its own designs, styles, and purpose of use.

To construct a swimming pool within the home boundary, it is necessary to look for the availability of space. It is necessary to find out whether enough space is present to carry out with the construction procedure. In constructing a swimming pool designs play a major part in the process. Again, a major portion of designing depends on the availability of space and vice versa.

The cheapest pools are those that are installed above the ground. They are easy enough to be installed, as they are available with pre-made kits. As they are not permanent structures, hence, space may well not be a big problem while installing them. They can be installed during the summer season and does not involve large financial investments.

Then, there are those pols that are installed below the ground. They are permanent structures and are more expensive option to avail. Moreover, the availability of space becomes a problem at times. Some of the common materials used for constructing these below the ground pools include fiberglass, concrete, vinyl, etc. Fiberglass is the most expensive of all the materials. However, they have a special shock absorbing power that makes it capable to bend a maximum of 2 feet. Pools made from fiberglass are easy to maintain. Vinyl is the cheapest of all the materials that are used for constructing a pool. In cold regions, the vinyl made pools are more popular. They are absolutely non-porous and offer for a smoother surface. They also are easy maintenance offered by pool maintenance Melbourne. Finally, there are those pools that are made from concrete. They have similar features like that of fiberglass but are much cheaper in pricing than the later.