swimming pools are a water body within a premise or a house, which are constructed with the intension of swimming or any other water activities. Swimming in itself is a great mode of relaxation on its own. Swimming pools vary widely in size and in shapes. The largest among all the pools is termed as Olympic-sized pool. These pools can be constructed anywhere – on the rooftop or on the ground. Concrete, metals along with plastic or fiberglass are required to construct a dip swim pool.

The water should be treated and maintained very well so that after having the fun one should not get any skin irritation or infection. Chlorine, bromine and other mineral sanitizers are used for disinfecting the water. In many pools, additional filters are also used that prevent the growth of many bacteria, algae, viruses and insect larvae.

When it comes to the swimming pool designs, it is always better to consult a professional and expert firm in this filed. There are various pool designs that we can see – whether it is a club or resort or at home. There are various types of designs available for the pools. People who do not want to go for any exotic design they choose to have a simple round or square or rectangular shaped pools. However, in clubs and resorts, many designer pools, along with swimming pool safety covers, can be seen.

In many of the designs, we can see the combination of swimming pool and a spa. Both the purposes are served in these designer pools. The design for the pool intended for diving is different from the normal swimming pools. These swim pools are made deeper than the normal ones to avoid any kind of injury during diving.